Erst- und Originalausgaben zur Architektur-, Kunst- und Design-Geschichte
Beitraege ABC
Beitraege ABC

ABC. Beiträge zum Bauen.

Serie 2. No. 1-4. Redaktion H. Schmidt (Basel). (Mart Stam, Rotterdam).

Basel 1926-1927/28. 8, 8, 8, 12pp. with photo illustrations and drawings.

34 x 24,5 cm. Original orange wrappers.


Extremely rare original edition. “Avant-garde magazines are optical condensers and megaphones in one, are the starting point for projection and demanding anticipation. They claim to perceive, earlier and more sharply, what has to come and what will come. This is also true of ABC. It thought about the ‘not-yet now,’ and about how the future could be made into the present more rapidly. Its significance as a promoter of theoretical clarification and fixed self-definition of its editors is beyond doubt, also with a view to their subsequent architectural practice. But ABC was more than a specialist publication on building questions: it wanted to set up a background of thought, to create, disseminate and reinforce a modern mentality. And it is no contradiction to say that ABC is not really homogeneous in its content, as a result of the different temperaments and dispositions of its participants.” Claude Lichtenstein, ABC and Switzerland. Baden 1993.

The issues of the second series not only had twice the number of pages but a cover as well. Apart from the numbering of the issue, all the covers were identical, showing the title, ABC – Beiträge zum Bauen, the number of the issue and the address oh the Administration in Basel. The other three cover pages (back and inside covers) were used for advertising. Only companies and publications congenial to the criteria of the New Movement were accepted.

Very fine copys.

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