Erst- und Originalausgaben zur Architektur-, Kunst- und Design-Geschichte
Sekai saikin kenchiku zushû
Sekai saikin kenchiku zushû
Sekai saikin kenchiku zushû

Nihon kenchiku kyôkai 日本建築協会 [Architecture Association of Japan] (ed.):

Sekai saikin kenchiku zushû 世界最近建築図集 [World’s latest architecture pictorial] – 1929-1930 edition.

Osaka, Nihon Kenchiku Kyôkai 1931 (Shôwa 6).

Title page, table of contents, 98 table pages with hundreds of photos and drawings and 24 pages of advertisements.

12 x 19 cm. Original boards.

EUR  380

A publication edited by the "Architecture Association of Japan", which is a small illustrated book with very extensive pictorial material about modern architecture in western countries. An important document that proves the enormous influence of modern architecture in Japan. Contains among other things: Government and municipal offices; schools and libraries; museums and galleries; public halls; theatres; office-buildings, banks and shops; factories and marketplaces; train stations and parking lots; bathrooms and public pools; hospitals; hotels, restaurants and cafés; apartment buildings and condominiums; residences; religious buildings; furniture and interior design. Impeccably beautiful copy.

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