And yet the world goes round – けれども地球は廻ってゐる

ERENBURG (or EHRENBURG), Ilya (Grigorevich). 1927


E[h]renburg, Ilja Grigorjewitsch イリヤ・エレンベルぐ

Keredomo chikyû ha mawatteiru けれども地球は廻ってゐる [And yet the world goes round]

Translator: Yasumi, Toshio 八住利雄

Tôkyô, Genshisha 1927 (Shôwa 2).

(2), 2, 183, (7)pages and 21 plate page.

19 x 13,5 cm. Original hardcover with dust jacket.

EUR 750

First Japanese edition, first printing. Japanese edition of one of Ehrenburg’s most influential and important writings. First published in Russian in 1922 under the title „A vse-taki ona vertitsja. [And yet the world goes round]“.

Beautiful copy with the rare dust jacket.