Baumanns neue Farbtonkarte

Baumann, Paul 1912


Baumanns Neue Farbentonkarte [=title on printed on original cloth box; title on booklet = Baumanns neue Farbtonkarte]. System Prase. Block Ia.

Aue (Sachsen), Paul Baumann, without year of publication [1912?].

Booklet (32) pages, (=Mixture table and list of equivalent colors) and 420 hand-painted color samples with color mixture designation on the reverse side. Format of each color sample = 7,5 x 11,5 cm !

Original brown linen box, format height 11cm depth 9 cm width 13.5 cm.


The first of 3 (?) published boxes with unusually large hand-painted color patterns, which impress with their very intense hues.

A more extensive collection was offered in auction trade in 2020. Bassenge, Berlin auction 116 lot  3554, price realized EUR 3800 + buyer’s premium.

Box a little dusty and rubbed, The color samples absolutely flawless.

order number 004