Bedrich Feuerstein Architekt. Stage-Setting Architecture

Okada, Chûichi 1927


Okada, Chûichi (岡田 忠一).

Kenchikuka Faiâsutain: Butai kenchiku (建築家ファイアースタイン 舞台建築). Bedrich Feuerstein Architekt. Stage-Setting Architecture.

Okada Chûichi, Shôwa 2 (1927), Februar.

(48) pages including many plates. Typographically designed original wrappers.


First and only edition. Content: Foreword (introduction of West-East influence of art, biography Feuerstein) and over 20 stage designs, including the legendary play by Karl Clapek R.U.R. Bedrich Feuerstein (1892-1936) Czech architect, painter and stage set Designer, a pupil of Jeseph Plecnik, who subsequently worked with Auguste Perret in Paris and Antonin Raymond in Japan (where he designed modernist buildings both in Tokyo and Yokohama).