4 issues (all published).

Tokyo, Atelier Sha 1933.

Each issue ca. 40 pages and numerous plates on better paper. 26 x 19 cm. Original illustrated wrappers.


Foreign and domestic application of design trends and theories were catalogued domestically in periodicals like Gendai Shogyo Bijutsu Zenshu, and the intensely modern-focused Kokoku-kai (Publicity World), as well as journals such as Belarto, a short-lived art and design journal whose operations began and ceased within the span of one year, 1933. Issue 1: contains illustrations by Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Joan Miro (sets and costumes), Käte Kollwitz, Horst Strempel, Gerda Wegener, Alexander Archipenko, and many others. A text on modern German art, „New Vision“ by Laszlo Moholy Nagy (Japanese translation). Issue 2: contains illustrations of Man Ray, Bela Kadar, Moses Kisling, George Grosz, Bernhard Hoetger, and many others. A text by Christian Zervos on Pablo Picasso. Issue 3: contains illustrations of works by Willi Baumeister, Hans Arp, Le Corbusier (Voisin plan), Jean Carlu, André Masson, Man Ray, William Zorach, Jean Moral, and many others. Text on Bauhaus, on Muscovite artists, on Cassandre. Issue 4: contains illustrations by Max Ernst, Werner Scholtz, Otto Nagel, George Grosz, Frantz Masarell, Henri Matisse, avant-garde Russian decorative art, and Japanese modernist artists (including one board of photomontages).