New photography in Japan

Kanamaru, Shigene 金丸 Mori, Yoshitarô 森 芳太朗 重嶺; 1936


Mori, Yoshitarô 森 芳太朗 ; Kanamaru, Shigene 金丸 重嶺

Shinkô shashinjutsu 新興写真術 [The upcoming photography/ New photography].

Tôkyô, Ars 1936.2 (Shôwa 11.2).

Title, 6, 294, (2), and (10) pages with advertising, with numerous, mostly smaller photo illustrations.

22,5 x 16 cm. Original cloth binding with typographically designed slipcase.


:Saishin shashin dai-kôza 最新写真大講座,  Vol. 13.

Shigene Kanamaru (1900 – 1977) is a leading photographer of modern photography. A pioneer in commercial and advertising photography, photo critic and photo educator.

In 1926, together with Hachiro Suzuki, he founded Kinsuzusha (Japan’s first commercial photography studio that took advertising photos at the request of companies). He also participated in designer Hisui Sugiura’s „Seven People’s Company.“ The modern photography of the 1920s in Europe had a great influence on him, and in his publications he introduced and popularized European photography in Japan. In 1939, he founded the Department of Photography of Nihon University College of Art,

Very nice copy in the original slipcase.

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