Pablo Picasso

Nakada, Sadanosuke 仲田 定之助: 1938 EUR 250,-

Nakada, Sadanosuke 仲田 定之助.

Pikaso ピカソ [Picasso].

Tôkyô, Atelier-sha 1938 (Shôwa 13). ).

Color plate, title,48 pages plates, 35pp, 4pp, 4 unnumbered pages, incl. 2 pages ofadvertisements.

19 x 13 cm. Publisher’s illustrated wrappers.

EUR 250

Seiyô Bijutsu Bunko 西洋美術文庫 No.18.

First edition, first printing.Sadanosuke Nakada (1888-1970) After studying in Germany andvisiting the Bauhaus, he wrote an introductory article („NationalBauhaus“) in the magazine „Mizue“ in 1925 after his return to Japan.During his studies abroad, he came into contact with various other artmovements and processed his impressions, experiences and contactsin numerous publications. His role in the Japanese avant-garde ispresented, among others, in: Gennifer Weisenfeld, Movo. JapaneseArtists and Avant-Garde 1905-1931. Pp107-108.

The spine rubbed andslightly brittle.

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