Erst- und Originalausgaben zur Architektur-, Kunst- und Design-Geschichte
Doesburg, Theo van. Klassiek – Barock – Modern

Doesburg, Theo van.

Klassiek – Barock – Modern. Lezing door Theo van Doesburg.

Antwerpen, De Sikkel 1920.

31pp. 17 illustrations on 16 photo plates.

22,5 x 14,5 cm. Original wrappers, with typographical cover by Theo van Doesburg.


First edition of a lecture delivered by van Doesburg at Leiden in December 1918, in which he defined the distinguishing characteristic of the classical, baroque and modern styles. His primary concern is with art, but his illustrations show that he intended his remarks to apply to architecture as well, paintings by himself, Mondriaan anf hussar are featured alongside buildings and projects by Sant`Elia, Wright and Oud, and the Rietveld chair.

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