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CIAM Rationelle Bebauungsweisen


Rationelle Bebauungsweisen. Ergbebnisse des 3. Internationalen Kongresses für Neues Bauen. (Brüssel, November 1930). Redaktion: S. Giedion. Herausgegeben von den Internationalen Kongressen für Neues Bauen.

Frankfurt, Englert & Schlosser 1931.

209, (3) pages with numerous plans, drawings, and photo illustrations..

26 x 18,5 cm. Original publisher´s wrappers. (Cover design by Max Bill).


“The real theme of CIAM 3 (Brussels “Rationelle Bebauungsweisen”) was a discussion of Gropius’ question, “Low-, Mid- or High-Rise Building?” an investigation which paralleled Le Corbusiers views. Following findings from Bohemia and Kaufman however, Gropius and Giedion shifted the debate over building heights away from the strictly economic justifications toward the collective social and spiritual advantages of each type. So Groipius’ lecture “Low-, Mid- or High-Rise Building?” which could be considered the keynote address of the congress, began with the argument that reasoning in city planning should not be strictly economic but also should take into account “Psychological and Social Demands.” Matthew Pilling.

Some copies with printed slip pasted over gives the name of a subsequent publisher (Stuttgart, Hoffmann). Contributions by Böhm-Kaufmann, Sigfried Giedion, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra und Karel Teige.

Jaeger 0654.

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