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Cercle et Carré - 1930
Cercle et Carré - 1930

Cercle et Carré.

[“Cercle” and “carré]" appear as a circle and a square on title page].

No. 1 (of 3) 15 Mars 1930.

Redaction: M[ichel] Seuphor. Administration: J. Torrès-Gracia.

8pp. with 12 illustrations.

31,5 x 24 cm. Original self wrappers.


"Cercle et Carré" was a cosmopolitan artists' association founded in Paris in 1929, which existed for only one year but organized a notable exhibition. Its founders were the drawer, poet and art critic Michel Seuphor and the painter Joaquín Torres García. Cercle et Carré promoted new developments and works in the field of abstract art. During its short existence, the group published three issues of the art magazine of the same name. The group's only exhibition, organized by Seuphor, took place in April 1930 in the "Galerie 23" in Paris' Rue La Boétie. Pierre Daura designed the logo and the exhibition poster. A total of 46 artists took part. On the day of the vernissage Michel Seuphor recited poems, hiding his face behind a mask by the sculptor German Cueto. Luigi Russolo played on one of the instruments he developed, the so-called Russolophe. The exhibition is regarded as the first international group exhibition for abstract art. The group, whose journal met with neither public nor critical acclaim and whose exhibition had received little attention, disbanded by the summer of 1930.  The reasons for this, apart from the differences of opinion between Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg - which led van Doesburg to publish the revue "Art concret" (1930) together with Jean Hélion - were above all the founding of the new Parisian group "Abstraction-Création" on 15 February 1931 on the initiative of Vantongerloos in the absence of Seuphor, who had fallen ill. This group took over most of the members of the group "Cercle et Carré" as well as the ideas that had already been developed before and realized them with increasing success and influence until their dissolution in 1937.

From 1936 Joaquin Torres Garcia continued publication of the journal from Montevideo in Spanish and French with the title Círculo y Cuadrado "La seconde epoque de "Cercle et Carre" (Circle and Square, the second period) with the same logo. From abroad artists sent letters and articles to be published: Jean Hélion, Piet Mondrian, Umberto Boccioni, etc.

The rusty staple removed, the sheet edges partly browned and with tiny tears and creases, paper somewhat cracked in the fold. All in all still fine copy of the extremely rare and fragile publication.

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