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Special issue of ‘Wendingen’ on Hermann Finsterlin
Special issue of ‘Wendingen’ on Hermann Finsterlin


Wendingen, volume 6, issue 3.

Amsterdam, Wendingen, 1924.

36pp [pp. 25-36 advertisements] with 48 illustrations.

33 x 33 cm. Original color printed wrappers, pages are double-folds as in the Japanese manner. (Designed by Hermann Finsterlin)

€  240

Special issue of ‘Wendingen’ on the work of Hermann Finsterlin (1887 - 1973) a visionary architect, painter, poet, essayist, toymaker and composer. He played an influential role in the German expressionist architecture movement of the early 20th century but due to the harsh economic climate realised none of his projects. Finsterlin originally studied medicine, physics and chemistry, and then later, philosophy and painting in Munich. In 1919 he assisted Walter Gropius in organising the "Exhibition for Unknown architects" for the Arbeitsrat für Kunst and contributed to Bruno Taut's Glass Chain letters under the pseudonym Prometh [Wikipedia].

With an introduction by C.J. Blaauw “Architectonisch Droom-Spel” (in Dutch) and an essay by Hermann Finsterlin “Casa Nova (Zukunftsarchitektur)” (in German). 

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