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Frühlicht 1, Folge, Taut, Bruno
Frühlicht 1, Folge, Taut, Bruno

Bruno Taut

Stadtbaukunst alter und neuer Zeit. Halbmonatsschrift herausgegeben von Cornelius Gurlitt und Bruno Möhring.

Incl. Taut, Bruno. Frühlicht. Nos. 1-14 (all published as the supplements to Stadtbaukunst vol. 1)

Berlin, "Der Zirkel" Architekturverlag 1920.

(4), 400 pages with numerous plans, drawings and photo illustrations.

31 x 24 cm. Publisher's printed boards.

EUR  2800

Set of the Berlin edition of Frühlicht. Issue 1-14 (1920) contain a section called Frühlicht, written by Bruno Taut, which became a separate periodical with the same title in fall 1921. (Magdeburg, Perters Verlag 1921-22, nos. 1-4, all published). In 1919 a group of radical utopian architects, on the initiative of Bruno Taut, began a network of corres-pondence through which they expressed their views an the architecture of the future. In July 1920 the editors (Bruno Möhring and Cornelius Gurlitt) of the more conservative ‘Stadtbaukunst’ could, in Taut’ s words, “no longer stand the light” and their uncom-fortable association come to an abrupt end. After Bruno Taut was appointed city planer and architectural adviser to Magdeburg in 1921 he revived ‘Frühlicht’ as separate magazine. The the Mageburg edition is more widely known, it is the much scarcer Berlin ‘Frühlicht’ that best captures the mood and spirit of this group. Small section of the pine expertly restored. Very scarce.

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