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Modern Architecture, Wright
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Wright, Frank Lloyd.

Modern architecture, being the Kahn Lectures for 1930.

Princeton, Princeton University Press 1931.

Frontisp. Portrait, (12), 114, (2)pp and 6 halftone plates.

27 x 21,5 cm. Original decorated boards (designed Frank Lloyd Wright).

€  580

In his Kahn Lectures Wright gave a summary of the ideas behind his prairie houses, setting out in a nine-point programme the principles of the unbroken transition from interior to exterior, the open plan and what he called ‘the destruction of the box’.  (Kruft)

The present binding by Wright is a particularly pleasing and successful design. The text is also important: “One of Wright´s last reasonably jargon-free publications. It is the most coherent statement of his philosophy available in his own words, a book well worth reading and keeping.” Robert Twombly in: Design Book Review, 1990 issue 18, p.65.

Robert L. Sweeny, Frank Lloyd Wright. An Annotated Bibliography. Los Angeles 1978. # 250.

Published without a dust jacket. A very fine copy of this fragile book.

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