Erunsuto (エルンスト) [Max Ernst].

Fukuzawa, Ichirō (福澤一郎). 1939 EUR 350,-

Fukuzawa, Ichirō (福澤一郎)

Erunsuto (エルンスト) [Max Ernst].

Tōkyō: Atorie Sha, Shōwa 14 [1939].

Color plate, title, 48 pages plates, 37pp. 10 unnumbered pages, incl. 2 pages of advertisements.

19 x 13 cm. Publisher’s illustrated wrappers.

EUR  350

Small monograph on Max Ernst by Ichirō Fukuzawa (1898-1992). In the early twenties he decided to become a sculptor and studied this subject under Asakura Fumio (朝倉文雄) (1886-1964). From 1924 to 1931 he stayed in Europe, where he was attracted by Fauvism and began to paint. The surrealist art movement in Paris had a strong impulse for him, especially Giorgio de Chirico and Max Ernst had a great influence on his artistic development.

During his stay in Europe, Fukuzawa participated in the founding of the „Independent Art Society“ (独立美術協会, Dokuritsu bijutsu kyōkai). The following year he participated in their first exhibition of 37 paintings that he had painted during his time in Europe. With the first really surreal paintings in Japan he gained some attention. In 1939 he participated in the foundation of the „Society for Artistic Culture“ (美術文化協会, Bijutsu bunka kyōkai).

OCLC lists only one copy outside Japan (Metropolitan Museum, New York).

Edges of the spine rubbed, altogether an unusual fine copy of the very fragile small book.