現代オランダ建築 – Modern Dutch architecture

Horiguchi, Sutemi 堀口 捨己)

Neutra, Amerika. – Cover by El Lissitzky

Neutra, Richard

Itagaki – [The Cultural Exchange between Machines and Art]

Itagaki, Takao (板垣 鷹穂).

Lehrbuch der höheren Baukunst

Heigelin, K(arl) M(arcell).

The origin of modern Architecture – New Japanese Movement

Tatsuo Yoshimura and Takeshi Koshiishi.

Murr, Christoph Gottlieb – Journal zur Kunstgeschichte – 1775-1799

Murr, Christoph Gottlieb.

Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM) in Japan

柘植芳男訳. Tsuge Yoshio.

General Survey of Modern Architecture – American architecture

Bruno Taut, Die Stadtkrone – Dedication copy

Taut, Bruno.

The Complete Commercial Artist – Advertising Collection of Photographs and Art Applications

Le Corbusier – Japanese Portfolio 1929

Le Corbusier

Karl Schneider – Japanese Portfolio

Schneider, Karl.