Kawakita Renshichiro – Aisîôru (アイシーオール). [I see all]

Kawakita Renshichiro. 1933 EUR 320,-

Kawakita Renshichiro (川喜田 煉七郎). (Editor).

Kenchiku Kogei (建築工芸). [Architectural Craft]. Aisîôru (アイシーオール). [I see all].

Tokyo, Koyosho 1932.

Editor: Kawakita Renshichiro (川喜田 煉七郎). Volume 3, issue 3, September 1933.

(2), 59, (13) pp. with numerous illustrations. 22 x 15 cm.

Original wrappers.

EUR 320

Kawakita Renshichiro (1902-1975) was an architect and interior designer and a key figure during the early phase of modernism in Japan. In 1932 he founded the Institute of New Architecture and Industrial Arts with the aim of bringing the ideas of the Bauhaus school to Japan.

The present monthly magazine theme: showcases aspects of modern commercial architecture (shops, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, libraries, schools, factories) as well as interior design (showcases, shelving, chairs etc.) from the West and their application in Japan.

Most of the articles are by Kawakita himself but there are also translations from Western sources. ‚I see all‘ was strongly influenced by the Russian and German avant-garde and later issues discuss the influence of technology on contemporary art (Hans Arp) and photography (montage). References are made to new publications and magazines for specific countries (Germany: Die Form; Moderne Bauformen, Die Neue Linie; Soviet Union: USSR in Construction, Cobetckay Apxntektypa) showing the keen awareness in Japan of modernist trends abroad.

Stapling was replaced by fade stitching with gluing.

Numerous other issues of the series available on request.