ABC of the Decoration Painter

Behrens, C(arl). 1902 EUR ,-

C(arl) Behrens.

ABC des Decorationsmalers.

Ein Lehrgang für Fach- und Fortbildungsschulen sowie für den Selbstunterricht. Herausgegeben von C. Behrens, Maler und Lehrer an der I. Handwerksschule zu Berlin. 15 Seiten Text mit 25 Illustrationen, Kopfleisten und Vignetten. 20 Vorlagetafeln, davon 12 in Dreifarbendruck.

Berlin, Otto Baumgärtel, Verlag für Kunstgewerbe und Architektur, without year of publication [but 1902].

16 pages, 20 plates, 12 of which are printed in three colours.

39,5 x 28,5 cm. Publisher’s original half-cloth portfolio with illustrated cover and as well as ribbon ties.

EUR  450

The only edition of this school for decorative painters with large-format, mostly multi coloured plates. Contents: The plates of the work compiled and edited by Carl (Karl) Behrens, a painter and teacher of this profession working in Berlin, show motifs (often floral) with stylistic elements of historicism (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance) and Art Nouveau as well as examples of wood and marble painting for use by advanced “parlour and decorative painters”. In addition to an introductory preface, the text booklet contains detailed descriptions of the plates.