Architekt Bohuslav Fuchs, 1919-1929

Rossmann, Zdenek 1930


Rossmann, Zdenek.

Architekt Bohuslav Fuchs, 1919-1929. Prehled architektovy tvorby za 10 let. Überblick seines architektonischen Schaffens innerhalb 10 Jahren. Résumé de sa création architectonique pendant 10 ans.

Bâle, Service des Pays, 1930.

74 pp., 32 pp. period ads., illustrated with many photographs and groundplans. Typography by Zd.Rossmann.

26,3 x 19,7 cm. Original cloth, cover design in silver and red on black stock by Rossmann.


‘Bohuslav Fuchs was one of the architects who, very early on, understood the significance of publicity for the reception of modern architecture…… His monograph edited and designed by Zd.Rossmann was an example of an effective presentation which integrated new architecture, photography and typography into a visual and conceptual unity’. Scarce. Important survey of Fuchs’ work, as well as one of the best book productions by Rossmann.Text in Czech, German, and French.

Sharp, 44; Placzek, II 121-122; Andel, The new vision of the new architecture, Czechoslovakia 1918-1938, Bratislava 2005, page 259, illustration page 256:

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