Frank Lloyd Wright – Wasmuth 1911

Frank Lloyd Wright 1911 EUR 780,-

Frank Lloyd Wright.-

Frank L. Wright. Chicago.

Berlin, Verlag Ernst Wasmuth (1911).

113, (1) pages, with color frontispiece and 148 photo illustrations.

29 x 21 cm. Original publishers cloth.

EUR 780

8. Sonderheft der Architektur des XX. Jahrhunderts.

„The Wasmuth firm in Berlin, publishes of the two great portfolios of drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright´s architectural work issued und the title ‚Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe‘ in 1910, supplemented their investment in Wright by the issue in 1911 of a smaller, photographically illustrated monograph on Wright with a preface by C.R. Ashbee. It was this, rather than the larger portfolios, that brought Wright´s work to general attention on the European continent, and as there was no similar English-language publication on Wright at this time, it is an important component of the literature on Wright generally. I t exists in two states, one running to 142 pages issued under the title ‚Frank Lloyd Wright, Ausgeführte Bauten‘, and the other, represented by the present copy, running to 114 pages and issued as the , ‚8. Sonderheft der Architektur des XX. Jahrhunderts’ under the title ‚FrankL. Wright. Chicago’.“ See: Hugh Pagan, catalogue 47, # 123.

The present copy is bound in the very rare full cloth edition, the tissue paper sheet protecting the fontispiece is slightly damaged.