Leica – Cover design: Onchi Kōshirō



Leica. Gekkan Raika (⽉刊ライカ) / The Leica Monthly, for the achievement of Leica photography. Horie, Hiroshi (chief ed.)

Tokyo, Ars Publishing Company Ltd.

Vol.4, issue 7 July 1935 (Shôwa 10).

40 pages of text with illustrations, numerous plates, and advertisement appendix.

26 x 19 cm. Typographic designs, colored original wrappers. Cover design: Onchi Kōshirō (恩地 孝四郎)


A good example of a specialist amateur magazine catering to users of the famous German camera. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the Leica first came to Japan in 1929 aboard the famous airship Graf Zeppelin and has attracted a large fan-base ever since. This monthly magazine was first published in January 1934 and vol. 4, is in fact the last under the name of Leica. The magazine continued under a new name Compact Camera Monthly [Gekkan Kogata Kamera] in January 1936. Boeder, Titus, Japanese Photography from the Pre-War Period: Photobooks & Prints, London, Maggs Bros., 2007.

Very well preserved.

Some other issues of the series are available on request.