Nishikawa Tomotaka – Shin zōkei geijutsu taikan. (New art form).

Nishikawa Tomotaka. 1933 EUR 240,-

西川友孝著, Nishikawa Tomotaka.

新造型芸術大観 / Shin zōkei geijutsu taikan. (New art form).

Tōkyō, Kinseidō Shōwa 8 [1933].

Title, 4, 64 pages witch 140 mostly photo illustrations, 56, (2) pages.

26,5 c 19,5 cm. Green (original?) cloth binding without lettering.

EUR 240

Very rare publication on modern architecture and design in Europe. The book documents the great interest in Japan in modern design principles in Europe and their influence on Japanese modernism.

Worldcat. lists only one copy, the copy of the National Diet Library, Tokyo.