Only publication on architecture from Kurt Schwitters´ Apossverlag

Hilberseimer, Ludwig. 1925


Hilberseimer, Ludwig.


Hannover, Aposs-Verlag 1925.

(2), 28, (2) pp. with 20 perspective renderings, and 11 plans.

25 x 14 cm. Original pictorial wrappers.


Neue Architektur, I.

This rare, pioneering book on modern city architecture by the former member of the Arbeitsrat für Kunst and Novembergruppe, was the only publication on architecture from Kurt Schwitters´ Apossverlag. Schwitters issued it again in 1926, then designating it no. 18/19 of Merz (in at least two versions, one with the Merz statement printed on the cover, and one with Merz stickers pasted on). The present issue is the first edition, prior to the Merz publication. Less well known is that the cover design of this edition also exists in two versions. One with a black spine and a very wide black border around the letter ‘A’ and the word ‘Aposs’ on the back of the cover, as designed in the copy I offered in 2018 in my list 271.  The present copy has a white spine and on the back cover there is only the letter “A” and ”Aposs” without a black border.