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Japan International Architecture Association - Nakao
Japan International Architecture Association - Nakao
Japan International Architecture Association - Nakao

Nakao, Tamotsu (中尾 保),

Nihon Intânashonaru Kenchikukai (日本インターナショナル建築会) [Japan International Architecture Association]: Arkitekturo Internacia – インターナショナル建築[International Architecture – Architecture Internationalle – Internationale Architetektur].

Osaka, Kaizensha 1932.11.

(2). 25pp. with photo illustrations; (20), 64, (2) profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings.

22,5 x 16 cm. Original typographical designed boards, original slip case.


First edition, first issue.  The book is divided into two parts, one part with old Japanese reading direction from the back to the front, and the second part in a modern western style from the front to the back. In Japanese reading direction, various aspects of modern Western architecture are presented. These include the development of Art Nouveau, Expressionists, Bauhaus and International Style with examples by Walter Gropius, Bruno Taut, Richard Neutra, Erich Mendelsohn, Luckert and Anker, Mangold, Ernst May,, Steven Mallet-Stevens, Le Corbusier, André Lucat and others.

In the western reading direction, the book documents the Japanese International Architects' Meeting of July 1927. The illustrated section documents buildings by Mallet-Stevens, Karl Schneider, Luckard and Anker, WalterGropius, Wilhelm Ripahn and others.

Nice copy with the original slipcase.

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