Erst- und Originalausgaben zur Architektur-, Kunst- und Design-Geschichte
Wie bauen? 1929, Nr. 2, Rasch, Heinz und Bodo

Rasch, Heinz und Bodo.

Wie bauen? Materialien und Konstruktionen für industrielle Produktion.
Jahres-Ausgabe 1928 [on cover: No. 2, 1929].

Stuttgart, Akademischer Verlag Dr. Fritz Wedekind & Co [1928]. 287pp., with 378 drawings and photo illustrations. 29,5 x 22 cm. Original publisher´s cloth backed boards with illustrated cover.

€ 580

“„Wie bauen?“ was published twice in a strongly changed concept and layout. The first book, dating from 1927, with a preface by Adolf Behne, was subtitled „Bau und Einrichtung der Werkbundsiedlung am Weißenhof in Stuttgart 1927“ referring directly to the Weissenhof settlement. The second book, bearing the same title undoubtedly because of the commercial success of the first (only adding to the front cover the year „1929“ and „Nr.2“ in red color) is subtitled more general: „Materialien und Konstruktionen für industrielle Produktion - Jahresausgabe 1928“ (Materials and structures for industrial production - annual edition 1928). The puzzling 1929 - instead of 1928 - on the cover must have been the publisher’s choice to have a better sell over more years. In the second issue we find an advertisement of „Wie bauen?“ Nr.3 (annual edition 1929) which, however, was never published. The advertisement promised a content showing the development of hand craft building towards recent industrial production, tables on optimal dimensions of building elements and achievements of American building industry.” Jos Tomlow.

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