Burûno Tauto. (ブルーノ・タウト)

Kurata 1942


Kurata, Chikatada (蔵田 周忠).

Burûno Tauto. (ブルーノ・タウト).

Shôwa 17 [=1942].

152 pp. and 48 plates with 119 photographs and drawings, further drawings and illustrations in the text.

18,5 x 13 cm. Original half-cloth with mounted photo on the book cover.

EUR  80

Early Japanese monograph on Bruno Taut. Chapter titles: 1. The architect Bruno Taut. 2. Taut’s life and environment: The time in Königsberg – years of apprenticeship and traveling – (Altona – Wiesbaden – Berlin – Stuttgart) – The time in Magdeburg – Branch in Berlin – Invitation of the Soviet Union – The time of residence in Japan – A new job in Turkey. 3. Taut’s works and writings: „Pavilion of the German Steelworks Association“ and „Glass Pavilion“. Writings from the expressionist phase. The expressionist phase. The colored city. Architectural works of the Magdeburg period. Trust and the trend of new residential areas. Residential Buildings by Traut. Three works relating to residential buildings 4. Taut and the settlement. City and Settlement – The Situation in Germany and Berlin – The Design of Trauts Siedlung. 5. Tauts views and opinions. 6. Taut and the Japanese culture Visit to Japan – Architecture Designs – Arts Teaching – Writings on Japan. 7. Memories of Bruno Traut. 8. Chronology to Tauts Live. Life – Works – Writings.

Binding edges of the small monograph somewhat rubbed and inside somewhat browned due to the paper quality.