Erich Mendelsohn.- [Three Pyramids Collection].

Mendelsohn, Erich 1924/25 EUR 450,-

Erich Mendelsohn.- 

Sanryoushu. サンリョウシュウ. [Three Pyramids Collection]. Volume 6.

Tokyo [?], Unknown publisher, ca. [1924/25].

Folder contains 18 plates without text, as has been published. A short description of the contents is on the cover of the folder.

29 x 21 cm. Original folder.

EUR  450

In total, 8 volumes appeared in this rare series, here is volume 6, which contains only buildings by Erich Mendelsohn. Mosse Building, Berlin. 1921 (8 plates), Weichmann Building, 1921/22 (3plates). Einstein Tower, Potsdam, 1920/22 (7plates). As far as almost unknown series of portfolios with picture documentation of European and American architecture between ca. 1900 and 1924. The picture sequences, each of 18 plates, kept in the original portfolio folder. Extremely rare series, even the Japanese National Library only knows volumes 1 to 7. Further volumes and individual plates available on request.

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