La Cité. Architecture – Urbanisme – Art Public. [ Et Tekhne). Revue mensuelle Belge.



La Cité.

Architecture – Urbanisme – Art Public. [Et Tekhne). Revue mensuelle Belge.

Bruxelles, July 1919 –August 1932. Volume 1-10. Each issue between 16 and 28 pages with numerous photo illustrations, drawings and plates (a few coloured).

27 x 21,5 cm. Together 120 issues all in fine original printed wrappers.


A long run oft he leading Belgian architectural journal of the period, providing early and excellent coverage of avant-garde architectural theory and practice in the 20s. A wide range of styles are illustrated and discussed from Frank Lloyd Wright and McKim, Mead and White in the USA to the Bauhaus (Gropius and Hannes Meyer) to an article in 1924 on contemporary Czech architecture by Henry Van de Velde. However the De Stijl movement features the most prominently with articles by or about Theo van Doesburg (several contributions), Mondrian, J.J.P. Oud (article on the Architecture of Tomorrow), Jozef Peters, Paul Hankar, Huszar, C. van Eesteren and Staal. An article on the 1925 Paris Exhibition illustrates designs by Melnikov, Kay Fisker, Gocar and Joseph Hoffmann. Several extracts of the Le Corbusier´s “Vers une Architecture” appear between 1924 und 1927. The periodical offers a wealth of information and illustration not generally found in other journals oft he period showing the work (in addition to the above) of Bruno and Max Taut, Van´t Hoff (Maison à Huis ter Heide), Van de Velde, Wijdeveld, Peter Behrens, Dudok, Mies van der Rohe, Berlage, Arnold Itten, Alberto Sartoris, Adolf Behne, Victor Horta, Tony Garnier, Mallet-Stevens and Hans Poelzig among many others. Starting out as a monthly but becoming irregular later, each volume of 12 issues ran over a period of 12 or 18 months. For the last volumes a supplement titled Tekhne was introduced dealing primarily with building technique. Publication ceased in August 1935.” Weinreb, cat. 52, # 208a. Condition: Apart from lacking two plates in volume 1 (nos. 7 and 8) this forms a complete run for the period 1919-32.

A few spines slightly worn. Issue vol. 6, no. 1 in poor condition (last 10 pages demaged).