Raymund. – Alttürkische Keramik in Kleinasien und Konstantinopel

Raymund, Alexander 1922


Raymund, Alexander.

Alttürkische Keramik in Kleinasien und Konstantinopel.

Mit einer Einführung und erläuternden Beschreibung von Karl Wulzinger.

München, Verlag Bruckmann 1922.

28 pages introduction and 40 high quality color plates.

50 x 36,5 cm (!). Original hardcover with linen spine.

EUR 600

Splendid illustrations of Turkish ornamentation on the example of architectural ceramics in mosques in Brussa, Isnik, Istanbul and Konia as well as some faiences.

With introductory art-historical treatise by Karl Wulzinger.

Very nice copy of the fundamental work