The origin of modern Architecture – New Japanese Movement

Tatsuo Yoshimura and Takeshi Koshiishi. 1930


Tatsuo Yoshimura and Takeshi Koshiishi. 吉村辰夫,輿石武著 吉村, 辰夫 輿石, 武.

Shin kenchiku kigen. 新建築起 [The origin of modern Architecture].

Tokyo, Kenchiku Kogyosha 1930.

3, 7, (3), 219, (3)pp. with many photo illustrations and drawings on glossy paper.

22,5 x 16 cm. Original boards with typographic design in gray, red and black, original dust jacket, original slipcase.


The book gives a comprehensive overview of the most important buildings in Holland, Denmark, Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, Russia and America. The modern avant-garde design of the book in the style of the Bauhaus also gives this edition further significance as an introduction to the transfer of modern Western architecture to Japan. This transfer to modern Japanese architecture is described in the last chapter “New Japanese Movement”.

Here is a selection of the architects presented: Netherlands: P. Cuijpers, H.P. Berlage, J.M. van der May, P.L. Kramer, M. de Klerk, J.J.P. Oud, J. Wils, G. Rietfeld, K.P.C de Bazels, J. Luthmann, G. Versteeg, J.F.Staal, J. Gratama, A.J. Kropholler, W.M.Dudok. 18 reproductions. New Danish architecture; A. Clemmensen, C. Brummer, H. Hansen, H. Kampmann, E, Madvig, A. Rafn, P. Methling, E. Monberg, E. Thomson, G.B. Hagen, L. Hygom, Th. Havning, S. Risom. 12 reproductions. Germany: J. Hoffmann, H. Tessenow, W. Kreis, B. Paul, H. Poelzig, B. Taut, E. Mendelsohn, H. Luckhardt, E.J. Margold, F. Hoeger, O. Bartning, E. Fahrenkamp, W. Riphan, P. Andrae, M. Taut, E. May, K. Schneider, L. Hilberseimer, E. Gutkind, A. Brenner, L. Mies v.d. Rohe, G. Muche. 17 reproductions. France: T. Ganier, Bourgois, A. Perret, Freyssinet, Freres, Le Corbusier, A. Lucat, M. Stevens, G. Guevrekian, T.H. Doesburg. 13 reproductions. Constructivism – Russia: Lissitsky, Chernichov, Ladovskij, Krinskij, Dokutschaew, Leonidov, Parkin, Paschov, Golosov, Schtschussew 18 reproductions. New Czechoslovak Architecture: J. Krejcar, B. Fuchs, R. Kozak, O. Tyll, A. Spalek, C. Henzeck 18 reproductions. America: D. Burnham, J. Root, L.H. Sullivan, F.L. Wright, G.G. Elmslie, F.B. Byrne, A.C. McArthur, Watson, R. Neutra, A. Raymond, Hood & Howells, Miller & Pflueger, A, Kahn.

Very nice copy with the very rare original dust jacket and slipcase. Only with tiny holes in the spine area and tiny marginal tears.

A second copy without dust jacket is also available.