Three Pyramids Collection



Sanryoushu. サンリョウシュウ. [Three Pyramids Collection]. Volume 1-6, from 8 appeared.

Tokyo [?], Unknown publisher, ca. [1924/25].

Each folder contains 18 plates without text, as has been published. A short description of the contents is on the cover of the individual folders.

29 x 21 cm. Original folders with mounted cover label.

sold  (6 volumes)

Widely unknown early series of portfolios with picture documentation of European and American architecture between ca. 1900 and 1924. Contains buildings by: Eliel Saarinen, Louis H. Sullivan, Josef Ruff,  Walter Gropius, Josef Margold, Ragnar Östberg, Erich Mendelsohn.

The picture sequences, each of 18 plates, kept in the original portfolio folder.  Extremely rare series, even the Japanese National Library only knows volumes 1 to 7. In my experience, only individual volumes are known in the antiquarian book trade.

Three Pyramids Collection, no. 1. Plate 1-18. Woodbury County Courthouse. Architect: William L. Steele, 1918 (plate 1-18).

Three Pyramids Collection, no. 2. Plate 19-24 Fritz Becker skyscraper „Bürohaus am Alleeplatz“ Düsseldorf. Plate 25-29 Central Station Helsinki by Eliel Saarinen. Plate 30-36 Bank buildings by Louis H. Sullivan.

Three Pyramids Collection, no. 3. Plate 37-54. Buildings and interiors of the Cologne architect Josef Ruff (plate 37- 48). USA Valley Bank (plate 49-54).

Three Pyramids Collection, no. 4.  Plate 55-72. Sculptures fountain Chicago (plate 55-58) New buildings in New Mexico (plate 59-67). City Theater in Jena (Germany) by Walter Gropius (plate 68-72).

Three Pyramids Collection, no. 5.  Plates 73-90. Shop fittings by Emanuel Josef Margold (plate 73-77). Stockholm City Hall. Architect: Ragnar Östberg 1911 (plate 78-90).

Three Pyramids Collection, no. 6.  Plate 91-108. Mosse Building, Berlin. Architect: Erich Mendelsohn, 1921 (plate 91-98). Weichmann building, Gleiwitz. Architect: Erich Mendelsohn, 1921/22 (plate 99-101). Einstein Tower, Potsdam. Architect: Erich Mendelsohn, 1920/22 (plate 102-108).

Overall clean set, only a few plates somewhat browned, I will gladly send photos on request.